What is the Center’s idea in case of a lockdown …?


What is the Center’s idea in case of a lockdown …?

Whether or not to continue the lockdown is now a matter of central government. The central government says it is 21 days before the lockdown. But with the coronavirus now so severe in the country, there is a possibility that the situation is likely to change much faster if the lockdown is reduced.

Even though the Center has now made very good decisions on controlling the coronavirus, the decision to relax the lockdown is in danger. In the case of a lockdown, the center now takes a very realistic replacement. The Center has again thought that it should be relaxed as a sector … but state wise.

The Center hopes that the lock-down should be relaxed in states where the effect is lower. Corona effect is not original in some districts. For example in the Vijayanagaram and Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh there is no actual corona effect. There was no coronavirus. Corona was not introduced to most districts in Odisha. Corona is unknown to about 20 districts in Uttar Pradesh. The same is true in Bihar. That is why we now need to be relaxed district wise.

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