This is the topic of today’s AP Cabinet meeting ..


This is the topic of today’s AP Cabinet meeting ..

The AP cabinet is scheduled to visit tomorrow in the wake of Corona’s boom. The meeting will take place tomorrow at 11am. The cabinet meeting will take place in the first block conference hall in the secretariat in Velagapudi. However, due to coronavirus effects, CM Jagan along with ministers decided to adopt social distance. That is why the meeting venue has changed.



However, this Cabinet meeting will provide for an ordinance of more than Corona. In fact, the state budget is to be approved by April 1. But due to the impact of the Corona outbreak, the issue of holding Assembly meetings has been pending. But the six-figure budget has to be approved by April 1. Otherwise the economic governance of the state will be paralyzed.



In the meantime, the Jagan government has decided to bring in the necessary funds for the three-month budget till June 30. Against this backdrop, the ordinance will be approved at a Cabinet meeting. It is then possible to discuss the state of corona’s situation in the state. The budget ordinance will be sent to Governor Biswabhushan Harichandan after Cabinet approval.



No matter the corona effect, the government had earlier planned to hold assembly meetings and approve the interim budget. But the cabinet is of the opinion that the corona effect is increasing day by day and that the maintenance of the public is not a matter of assembly. That is why the government of Jagan decided to bring the ordinance.


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