Telangana lockdown exempts them from KCR ..!


Telangana lockdown exempts them from KCR ..!

Telangana is on lockdown. What is Telangana .. The real country is locked down. At this stage only a few in Telangana have been exempted from the lockdown. Whoever they are .. mainly farmers .. Farming in the villages should not stop. Otherwise they should not go in groups, KCR said.

If the farmers do not grow crops .. KCR will not have any restrictions on the entire state. In addition, they are exempted from lockdown for wages under the National Employment Guarantee Scheme. They are also advised that they can do good work with due care. They were later exempted from lockdown for wages working on projects under construction in Telangana.

If not, the responsibility of the contractors to work with them should be taken care of. KCR said they want to ensure that sanitation is done in the areas where they work.There will be no restrictions on the media and the media during the lockdown. He said the government had given them an exemption. He said that under the Emergency Services, the media had the freedom to go out and collect news. KCR has come to his attention that there is some news that the media is blocking the place .. If the ara small issues, the media also needs to adjust.


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