Number one in making frivolous demands


Number one in making frivolous demands

Chandrababu Naidu is nothing short of a shocking defeat in the previous election. Because he is sitting in the opposition and making frivolous demands. In the mouth it is speaking. Is Chandrababu talking about how he thinks he is still in power? There is a suspicion that listeners.


The latest Chandrababu’s demands are getting the same suspicion in everyone. Chandrababu’s demand is that hospitals be set up specifically for coronavirus victims. Chandrababu has forgotten that what he says is not in China but in India. He has also lost the inability to establish specialist hospitals for coronavirus victims. Chandrababu knows that special beds have already been set up in many hospitals.


He said he had seen 15 thousand people already come from abroad. This was announced by the government. The government has also said it is testing screening for all. It is strange that Demande had to set up a Quarantine for those from abroad. Chandrababu’s latest demand for what the government has been saying for four days is that the foreigners should be in Quarantine.


It is strange to suggest sanitation works in the wards as well. It is in this regard that pics of bleaching powder should be sprayed for the cleanliness of the surroundings. Chandrababu is the same mockery when Jagan says, he is demanding the same again. The poor should be provided with goods for two months and every poor family should receive an immediate payment of Rs. The demand to give 5 finger is also a frivolous demand.


It is known that Chandrababu is making these demands to deliberately embarrass Jagan. Otherwise, it would not make sense for Chandrababu to say that Jagan’s announcement two days ago that he would take stringent measures to raise the prices of essential commodities. In the words of Chandrababu, the over-action that poses more than Jagan’s for the public welfare.


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