Mudgummumma that shows that!


Mudgummumma that shows that!

It is fun for the eyes to see if you know how to show. Looks for where to hide what. The eyes of the rogue look at how to rob them. This is a beautiful war. The ever-elastic battle for beauty. Mudugammulla is expected to win this war. But the real success is the naughty eyes that see the beauty that the sun never sees.


The world of Telugu cinema needs to be full of glamor. That is why we are always on the hunt for something new. Amrutha Iyer is the best option for them. She is a Malayali cook. The first entry made in Kollywood. Amrita Iyer, who played a key role as a football player in Bigg Cinema next to Vijay, is getting a lot of success in Telugu with the success of the film.


She made a film about how to make love with Anchor Pradeep in Telugu in 30 days. The film is yet to be released on the 25th of Corona. While she was acting in the movie, she got a chance in Ram Movie Red. While the two films were in the making, two more chances came.


It seems that the immortality of the immortals in Telugu is not guaranteed. Amrutha Iyer The Traditional Family. There are no actors in her family. Cinema is known to come from an unknown family to make fun of movies. Thanks to Tollywood, which is giving away a lot of opportunities, besides releasing her debut film in Telugu


Glamor field is known as cinema field. But she says that she will be beautiful and will stick somewhere else. And if this vendor shows the above beauties, it remains to be seen whether the field is sustainable. Adur is not, however, the thing that Atreya seems to be saying. Amruta seems to believe the same.


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