DoctorSamma who rescued 14 Corona patients


DoctorSamma who rescued 14 Corona patients

If someone is suffering from a common cold and cough, the rest of them are fleeing. There is little known about the value of coronavirus worldwide. It is not uncommon to see 14 patients infected with coronavirus in such a situation, as it is the Italian people who have fought and saved their lives.


Tourists from all over the world come to see the tourist attractions of Rajasthan. Among them were 14 people from Italy. Suddenly, however, the coronavirus problem has worsened, and governments have carefully scrutinized it before foreigners. The tests showed that all those from Italy had the virus. They were immediately rushed to the Quarantine Center of the Vedanta Hospital.


Moved to Quarantine is fine Who needs healing? If all the doctors are left behind, a woman doctor named Sushila Katharia has come forward. The rest of the people turned aside, saying that he would heal everyone. Since then, Sushil is almost a lonely fight. With the help of nurses and head nurses, Sushakala has been the one and only openly healing. Due to duty hours, it is not a simple matter to save 14 patients for 24 hours. More than 10 percent of patients are over the age of 64 years.

That is why Sushaka has finally left her home and family and is devoted to serving patients. On the one hand, serving the sick, on the other hand, was talking to their family members in Italy. The status of the patients is improved by whatsapp every day. For several days in Quarantine, family members in Italy spoke with the doctor. Counseling has also made it possible for a patient to sit for a while and hope for the future and react positively to treatment.


In total, 10 out of 14 people were discharged as a result of doctor services and were discharged on the 23rd. The rest will be discharged in the next two days. That is to say that Dr. Sell’s victory over the Corona pandemic.


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