Do the national media know what the pics are about?


Do the national media know what the pics are about?

The national media is highlighting a decision taken by Jagan Mohan Reddy. The decision is still in the hands of village volunteers. National media specially congratulates Jagan on the status of village volunteers currently working on curbing the spread of coronavirus. Surprisingly, some Tamil channels including Business Line, Outlook India, ANI, Business Standard and Latest Li offer special articles on village volunteers.


When Jagan came to power, he set up a system of village volunteers. He brought 2.5 lakh unemployed people under this system. He assigned one volunteer to every 50 houses. Volunteers are responsible for the financing of these 50 houses along with ration. Volunteers have become more familiar with members of all 50 houses as they interact regularly with them every day or weekly.


Those contacts now help the government to keep up to date on coronavirus outbreaks. Volunteers are always aware of who is coming from abroad. Although their home members from abroad are not informed, the neighbors are very informative by phone. The volunteer then takes the doctors directly to the screening and screening tests.


Thus, 2.5 lakh volunteers surveyed about 1.43 crore homes. This means that the armored system is not present in any other state in the country. Without these volunteers, the information from abroad is too much trouble for the government. It is understandable that they are responsible for taking about 20 thousand foreigners to screening tests. The media organizations have provided tremendous articles on the performance of this system.


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