Do pics need to change strategy?


Do pics need to change strategy?

Yes, the rabbit can not have three legs. Depending on the opponent, Jaganmohan Reddy should change tactics. Otherwise, the damages in court will be sufficient. In fact, some of the court-ordered eggplants are self-contained. Who told government offices to paint YCP? Does any court accept such actions? So, as the court said at the outset, Jagan’s control of the liability would not be the case.


Also, does any government give beneficiaries the opportunity to sell the deeds that the government distributes to the lips after five years? Do you think the court will look after someone? It is well known that many people sell government degrees to the poor. But nowhere does one say that a buyer is a buyer, but a seller.


And what about this? Why is it easy to sell and shrink? This is what legitimacy is hindering. It is important to remember here that the opponents did not challenge everything they wanted to do in court. Chandrababu is suing the court for not understanding Jagan in administrative terms. Chandrababu is well aware that Jagan can only be blocked by the courts. That’s why Narukkuni is coming.


Jagan should understand this very well. What is the strength of Chandrababu? What’s weak? As a person who is well known, you have to move the pieces a little more carefully. Pics must be carefully planned in order to achieve the upper hand over Chandrababu. That is why you need to hire the right advisors and listen to their advice. Do not get hurt in court or any other form that is a bitter before hearing it. Otherwise there is no need to doubt that the court is going to be the eggplant.


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