Corona Virus Live Updates: The AP that crossed Telangana in Corona cases


Corona Virus Live Updates: The AP that crossed Telangana in Corona cases

21 AP: Over 21 Telangana Cases: Nearly 21 Cases of Kovid-19 Positive Cases have been reported from 10:00 pm on Wednesday (01-04-2020) to 9:00 am on Thursday (02.04.2020). The total number of positive cases in the state combined with the latest cases reached 132. The government has released details of new cases by districts. Full article ..

A person was diagnosed as corona positive on Wednesday in the Mangalgiri district of Jungtur district. Authorities said a man (65) was tested positive last night and positively diagnosed. The man was recently spotted attending the Markaz prayers in Delhi. Five family members were evacuated to Quarantine with him. Redzone was declared 3 km from the Corona victim’s residence in the town’s Tippers Bazaar.

Among the foreigners who came on tourist visas to attend the Ootablige prayers were 493 Bangladeshis, 472 Indians, 150 Malaysians and 142 Thailand. They can stay in the country for six months. The Center has ordered foreign tablagi operatives to be searched anywhere in the country and sent to quarantine centers if necessary.

క Worldwide, coronavirus epidemic continues to plague thousands There is no attempt to thwart this epidemic. As part of this, many countries have imposed bans and prevented people from crossing over. The corona virus, which has spread to more than 200 countries around the world, is also spreading infants from the superpowers. Full article ..

త Coronavirus epidemic in the country is getting worse day by day. Nearly 400 cases have been reported across the country in the past 24 hours. More than 300 cases were reported on Tuesday after coronavirus cases emerged in the country. Many experts warn that social outbreak has begun beyond the person-to-person level. Full article ..

24 The Health Department has announced that 24 more people in the AP have been found to be corona positive. The number of people affected by Kovid in the state rose to 111. The AP Government Health Bulletin made the announcement after the lab results at 7 pm on Wednesday. Full article ..


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