Corona spread to all parts of Hyderabad … Government orders people to be vigilant …


Corona spread to all parts of Hyderabad … Government orders people to be vigilant …

The number of corona positive cases in Telangana is increasing day by day. Three corona positive cases were reported today. This resulted in the number of Corona victims reaching 36. It is reported that Corona has expanded to all areas in Hyderabad. Corona positive cases are reported from all parts of the city. Corona extends to Chandanagar, Kokapet, Begumpet, Old City, Kukat Palli, Banjarahills, Jubilee Hills, Madapur, Miyapur, Secunderabad, Mahindra Hills, Manikonda, Balkampet, Saidabad, Somajiguda and Gachibowli.

The Telangana government has taken several actions in the wake of the increasing number of corona positive cases. Thermal screening allows foreigners to come to the state only after they are abroad. The Department of Medicine and Health recommends 868 people stay in home isolation. So far, 850 people in the state have been screened for corona.

400 in Gandhi and Fever hospitals are in isolation. The government has announced a lockdown until 31st of this month as part of Corona’s measures. Opinions are growing that the number of positive cases is increasing day by day with people being ignored. While the government has stipulated that only one person should ride a bike, motorists do not follow the rules.

Corona is also expanding to the suburbs of Hyderabad. Doctors advise you to get rid of coronation by keeping clean. No matter how many attempts the government makes, people don’t care. Corona is currently in its second phase in Telangana. Opinions are expressed that the situation will be worse if this step is reached. Reports are pending for 97 Corona suspects in the state. The government is advising people to be vigilant.


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