Chevyreddy is a clever … sanitizer bottle dispenser


Chevyreddy is a clever … sanitizer bottle dispenser

Chandragiri YCP MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy has been using innovative methods to control the spread of coronavirus. Sanitizer bottles are distributed throughout the constituency to control corona virus. He started his own MLA as a bottle distributor in the Thummalagunda area of ​​the constituency. About 3.4 lakh sanitizer bottles are distributed to each household as part of the distribution of 2 bottles.


From scratch, even with innovative schemes in the constituency, everyone is looking for something. Chevy Reddy is more likely to respond immediately to the politics of politics. That is why the TDP fought many years in the government during the five years when it was in opposition. In the summer, he started his own fund-raising program in villages with no drinking water.


It is well known that in addition to the MLA, some other funds have been put in place such as laying roads in remote villages, building houses and improving the supply of fresh water. As a person who is always popular, the people are winning consecutive votes. Chandrababu tried so hard in the last election but rejected the TDP.


The latest effort to control coronavirus virus is to establish special beds in hospitals in the constituency. Ipudemo Sanitizer distributes bottles. He also posted a photo of himself with Jagan Mohan Reddy for his campaign as a work of sanitizer bottles as a social responsibility. That is, Swarakaryamannamata along with the Swami act.


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