Rahul Gandhi questions Modi on Swiss Bank accounts


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Uttar Pradesh: As the heat in UP elections is increasing, the Indian National Congress party VP Rahul Gandhi questioned the Honorable Prime Minister of about the swiss bank accounts list which he has received almost two years ago. The only promise by Mr. Narendra Modi which has attracted the whole nation was to get back black money. Mr. Modi also promised that he would credit every Indian’s account a sum of Rs. 10 lakhs.

Forget about the amount being credited, even though he has received the list, the Government hasn’t taken a single step towards all those people who were mentioned in the list. The list was out as soon as he came into power and apart from that, the Panama Papers were also out a year ago and there was no investigation done against those biggies who were named in the list. Rahul Gandhi the Pm about the Swiss bank accounts and he also made a mention of the demonetization drive carried out by the BJP led NDA government, last year.

” Ninety-four percent of India’s black money is in real estate, lands, buildings and Swiss banks. Only six percent of the black money is in the form of cash and he knows that very well. But Mr. Modi didn’t launch the surgical strike on the 94 percent. Those 50 families he is not attacking. God knows why he has attacked the farmers, attacked the cash, attacked the common man, attacked the youth of UP and the whole nation” said Rahul Gandhi.

The heat seems to be building day by day and as most of the surveys are in the favor of Samajwadi Party and INC alliance, we should wait and see if Modi’s image will do some magic for the BJP.

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