Government Responds to Pawan Kalyan’s demands


Government Responds to Pawan Kalyan’s demands

On January 2nd Power Star Pawan Kalyan after watching a Tv program on Tv9 about the increasing death toll on account of chronic kidney disease in Uddanam village of Srikakulam and immediately responded to the same and visited the village to know the problems of the people.

After the meeting at Uddanam, Pawan Kalyan has put the following demands in front of the Andhra Pradesh Government:
1. Free buss passes/to travel for patient and attendant.
2. Free medicines to all the kidney affected victims in endemic areas.
3. Rehabilitation of the orphans of the affected families.
4. Supply of ‘RO’ water as per ‘WHO’ standards.
5. Demands on an emergency basis:
A.Establishment of at least one dialysis centre to each mandal in the affected area.
B. Posting of Nephrologists in the affected regions.

Later on January 6th in the party meeting at Srikakulam the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Nara Chandrababu Naidu promised to take all the precautions to prevent further kidney victims and to pay a pension of 1,000 to all the victims in the region of Uddanam.
He also pointed out that the main issue of Uddanam is that the main reason for chronic kidney diseases is yet to know and once the reason for the same is, promised to solve the issue completely.

Though the government has reacted to the demands of Jana Sena Jana Sena chief by setting up a dialysis centre in Palakonda, the doctors are dissatisfied with the measure taken by the government as the distance between Uddanam to Palakonda dialysis centre is 180 km and said that the patients would get much faster treatment by reaching Vijaywada.
We should just wait and see if Pawan Kalyan is going to respond on the same and fight with the government as the kidney disease victims are completely dissatisfied with the measures taken by the government.

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