Nearly 500 Chinese soldiers On China-India Border


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How many controversies are around? China does not change its mindset. The controversy created in Docklum was once again revealed to the curve of the day before the month. Another road stretch of 10 km to the controversial area in Docklum is underway. Doklum is the region of Bhutan. But China’s adjectives argue that the area will come into their territory.

When China tried to build the road in the area, the Indian army interrupted. China’s road construction in the Tokelam area is likely to create security difficulties for India. As a result, China has made the Sasimira of the effort.

This led to an impasse that lasted for 70 days between the two countries, and finally after a deal, the two countries had withdrawn from the Dockland area a month ago. China is trying to build another road near the latest controversial area.

The equipment for the road construction in the Docklum area is now used in the latest road construction. Nearly 500 Chinese soldiers are conducting a patrol in the China Road-building area. Analysts believe China is trying again to say that Doklam is in its territory.

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