Inter 2nd Year Girl Murdered by Classmate in Hyderabad


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17 Year Old Inter second year student Chandini went mission on 09-09-2017 (Sat) was Reported on Police Station at Night, Right After Two days On Monday Evening of reporting Chandini jain found dead behind the rocks Ameenpur.

Chandini Left Home at 5 pm, Chandini Said she is going to meet her friends. When Parents try to contact her at 6:30 her phone was not reachable. Maya Parents contacted her friends later they went and lodged a missing complaint in miyapur police station.

Chandini Parents Said that ” She has no disputes”. On Monday when body was found the police officer informed Chandini family to identify the body.

After Checking the Chandini Recent Call Record and Contacts Police Enquired all her friends and family members.

Finally, it was found that Chandini was murdered by her Classmate Sai. He said they were in a relationship from long time and he said Chandini to marry him but she refused so sai killed her. Police are investigating more evidence and in depth Details of the Case.


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