DRO Champawat demand for commission


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The forest department has once again come to the discussion as the audio-goes viral on the social media demanding commission of DFO Champawat. In audio, DFO is seeking a commission from a contractor for the payment of old bills. Although the officials are talking about not being aware of the matter, DFO has said that it is a deliberate move to defame it, saying that it should be defamed.

Sometimes, DFO AK Gupta, posted in Champawat Forest Division, who is in discussions in many cases, including transfer-posting, candy crush in the meeting, is once again in the discussion. Now the audio department has got disturbed due to its viral.

A Bareilly contractor is talking to DFO Gupta in the audio. The contractor has been supplying tin for LISA depot from mountainous districts. For the 17-18 depot in the audio, it supplied tin of 80-80 thousand rupees in the year 2014-15 but it was not paid.

When the contractor talked of paying the DFO, then the DFO framed the scam by telling the matter of passing March 31 and then sending a different bill of each depot afterwards, he is referring to the payment of cash or demand draft.

In lieu of this, he is talking about the rate of tune of three rupees per contractor to the contractor, the contractor asked him to think more and more.

DFO Gupta said that the audio is old. Which were deliberately curled and viral at this time. When the transfer list is to be issued. In such a way the contractor is trying to tarnish my image by making the audio viral.

If I have demanded three rupees per tin from him then I should stop his payment. But it is not so. His full payment has been done. It’s just trying to defame me.

I have no information about any such audio being viral. Neither has come on my mobile. Such a person has not even complained. As long as there is no case in front of me, I can not say anything.

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