Apple iPhone users have a sharp lookout, this bug can promote you to a malicious website


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Beware Apple iPhone users!!!!!!!

In the leading world of development, the technology is moving at a rapid speed. The number of developers is increasing to make the development of the product more secure. As the rapid speed of the development, the risk of getting a bug is under normal condition.

Accordingly, a new bug has been introduced to Apple iPhone with its most used ios application- Camera. A new bug has been found out in the iOS camera that can fool you into visiting a malicious website. The bug, as found by Infosec, seems to be in the camera app on iOS 11 and later versions. The research company said that this glitch was reported to Apple on December 23 last year but is yet to be fixed.

The bug states usually the standard iOS camera app, when pointed to a QR Code of a website, prompts the website name on top and lets the user decide if they need to open the site. However, the flaw can show a name of a different website and can open a malicious page when tapped on the prompted link.

However Apple has not yet fixed the bug, they may fix it in the future OS versions (possibly iOS 11.3). Last few days ago,  Apple was listed into the news for its Siri bug that let anybody get details of the notification from any other user’s iPhone X. All they need to do was to ask Siri to read out the notifications. This bug was reported to work with third-party email and messaging apps. Apple, however, was prompt enough to respond and confirm that it will be fixed in future updates.

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