Aadhar or Passport, a must to fly domestic


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India: Till now the domestic flights are the only one’s over which there are not many restrictions to fly apart from the government issued ID card. However, as the security concerns have started increasing day by day and the awake of increased threats to the Airports from terrorists, the government is planning to make an Aadhar Card or Passport mandatory to fly even India i.e. to fly on a domestic flight.

The Civil Aviation Department of India is planning to put out the Civil Aviation Requirement(CAR) for public discussion. The CAR will be in public domain for discussion for a period of 30 days and the public can comment on the same and make suggestions as well. Once the CAR is discussed and later deliberated it is expected to completely into force by the end of July.

The need mainly has arisen after the acts of the ShivSena MP Ravindra Gaikwad who was banned by Air India first and many others as he manhandled a 60-year-old employee. With this ID system in the domestic flights, the government is planning to bring a system where the identity of every flyer is maintained along with any records of violations. Using these records the Civil Authorities can trace out the violations easily and take the necessary action. The draft CAR is said to be having in details of various actions that will be taken on the flyers in detail to curtail such scenes in the future.

The Union Ministry has been trying to bring enforce the no-fly list from the past one year and the Gaikwad’s episode has proven how urgently we require the no-fly list.

So now this has definitely given the reason for everyone to get a passport or get their Aadhar cards updated with the latest details to fly within India.

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