84 People Died in Air Strikes by US


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(Lebanon): Human Rights Watch has claimed that 84 people have died in air strikes by US-led forces on the city of Syria. The company expressed concern that the US troops had dropped bombs in March last year, when it was deployed by US militants.These attacks include innocent civilians and dozens of children.

A large number of civilians were killed by American forces on a bakery and crowded market with people in the town of Tabka, along with a school in Mansura, where the citizens were sheltered. Citizens in the areas where there is only the Citizenship forces have been informed that the intelligence community must have been informed and that the attack was not enough.

On March 20, an attack on a school in Mansoorah killed 40 people, including 16 children, and 44 people, including 14 children, in the attack on the Tabaça market and bakeries on March 22.

However, various volunteers operating in the area claim that the death toll is still high. Representatives of the US coalition forces surveyed areas where bomb raids were conducted and they said they knew the truth. It is estimated that 3.30 lakh people have been killed since the 2011 Civil War in Syria.

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