See How Google Is Redesigning


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We often tend to google whenever we are looking for new updates or the new features of any of the website we love. But, what if there are changes happening to google itself? Guess the time is about to come when the most searched thing on google would be google itself.

Google is moving ahead by applying material design interface to its chrome browser. The chrome browser owned by google is majorly used by everyone extensively and google is all set to change its entire outlook. The company has rolled out an update to Google Canary in Windows, Linux, IOS etc. the new outlook is also released by google which is taken in mixed response by people. While some say it is a totally new outlook and looks quite interesting, a lot of people on the other hand beg to differ and fail to understand the need of redesigning.

Google Canary in most of the part where it may look a disappointing approach, we never can underestimate google can we? It provides various new features which have been updated from the old version of Chrome like tab shape, single tab mode, omni box suggestion icons, tab strip colouring, pinned tabs, and alert indicators. This accounts for a perfect balance of the wait for the new update of google Canary and whoever may deny it but everyone would be looking forward to this new design.

Canary is a version of chrome designed majorly for the developers majorly so that they could run and test different features under active development.

There is still no information regarding the availability of Canary version update for the mainstream user but its release would definitely guarantee Chrome users could receive the overhauled UI in the near future.

It is still a debate of whether this version of update is a boon or a bane. Well if it still bugs your mind why not ‘google’ it?


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