Is Virtual the new reality?


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There has never been a destination or even a speed breaker on the road of technology. The car of advancement has always had the accelerator pushed and the biggest example of it is the origin of Virtual reality. For those who don’t know virtual reality is an artificial environment which is created around the user which gives the user a belief as it is a real one. From the environment till the motions, with the help of glasses, helmet or headgear it provides the user with the sense as if he is in a different world altogether. Virtual reality incorporates mainly visual and auditory senses. We have been told since our childhood that we primarily have 5 sense organs and we tend to conceive and believe what is real on the basis of these senses. So virtual reality tries to manipulate the information which is taken by our sense organs mainly our eyes and ears to make even virtual looking thing be real.

 You might have seen in many top malls or gaming centres that some people have put on some large glasses or have a helmet all around their face and are jumping out of excitement or fear or may even shout occasionally where the environment in reality around them is very simple. So, no they are not drunk, that is merely the power of Virtual reality they are experiencing.

We have always heard about this same example time and again haven’t we? But virtual reality is much beyond this. This technology is being used for people to conquer their phobias by going in a virtual world, as there isn’t much to lose in life when the life is virtual right? It is also used in robotics and automation. We all need sometimes an environment where we could run away from reality and virtual is in that case our new reality.


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