Apple’s iphone New update accepts the users to make use their iPhones as transit passes, Hotel Room Keys and more


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The Cupertino giant is reputedly designing to include new features to the new version of the Apple’s smartphone operating system, iOS 12. According to a source, the Information is that, ‘Apple is taking a important change to a wireless chip in iPhone handset that which enable users to more secure manner to unlock doors allows with the same technology.’ The sources says that a person well known about this matter. And the source says, That change in iPhone new version will be announced in next month officially by the Apple company. It would cover the users to use iPhones for other security quick interactions, from paying travelling fares and opening car and hotel room doors by checking their identity in some other ways.

By enlarging the use of the wireless chip, Apple reputedly wants to enlarge the use of its handset in countless interactions, And this device makes the users easier to access as virtual transit card and works as a hotel door key.

Iphone developers will given access to the NFC wireless chips for the first time with the iOS 11 iPhone, After adding it to Core NFC framework, then NFC framework allows the apps to use the wireless NFC chip as an casual scanner of RFID (Radio frequency identification) tags. RFID tags helps to locate objects or person by using electromagnetic fields.

More over, the usage is still limited. And the main drawback of present NFC Application Programming Interface (API) is that the application must not only be in front line, To begin scanning there should be a specific system model sheet. The smartphone giant will be likely to release with iphone iOS 12 and with some more major software platforms.

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