Apple iOS 11.4 update Released, with new changes to AirPlay wireless audio technology


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The expected new of this technology allows people to listen their music into various rooms around the house, and to set up their Home Pods which can be used in a stereo.

Most of the countries will finally get to use this feature in simple way: the HomePod.In June the smart speaker are arriving to most of the countries.

Apple’s AirPlay has long allowed people to listen to their music on their speakers from their phone – unless any wires. But it has been limited in various ways, including the fact that only one phone can only stream to one speaker.

AirPlay 2 will get rid of that restriction, allows the phone to stream to different houses around the house all at a time. It will also allow two HomePods to work together in stereo – a feature that was teased when they were launched in February but it isn’t been available still today.

To change that, Apple has launched a whole range of new advanced technology which may not be immediately obvious to the customers. The speakers will download the music previously it is played, for instance, so that there will be no buffering due to the slow internet or temporarily cuts out.

Due to this some of the products to be unable to cope with the new technology, with older Sonos products. The speakers need considerable processing power to be able to download the music will be ready to play.

But the speakers will be coming to a whole host, some of the members have already been announced.Users of Sonos ,Instance for this, will be getting the new advanced features soon – and most of the large speaker companies are launching AirPlay 2 speakers into the market.

1.The news comes nearly a week before WWDC, Apple’s big conference for developers. There, Apple is expected to show their next major latest update to iOS – version 12 – Although it also marks a year since the HomePod was first announced.

And now the HomePods are coming to various other countries: Canada, France and Germany, on June 18. It is already available in US, UK and also in Australia.

HomePods will need to be updated to use the new advanced technology. Which should happen automatically, but if you are eagerly waiting to get hold of it sooner that can be done by going to the Home app, selection of the HomePod and then we can choose the best software update.

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