Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence in the year 2016

Artificial Intelligence

Virtual Reality and AI in the year 2016

1. The Start Of Vr Market:

It all started when the when pre-orders for the Oculus Vr have started on the 5th of January and the new updates announced by HTC for its Virtual Reality gear Vive. 2016 can be called as the year of the start for Virtual Reality with devices such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, LG 360 VR, Samsung Gear VR, Google Dream View being launched in the market to tap the potential of the Virtual Reality market in various fields such as Advertising, Gaming and for watching the 360 Vr videos too on the YouTube channels. The Facebook backed company Oculus also announced the development of standalone VR devices for better experiences.

In the same year India too has witnessed the start of Vr market in India with the launch of On the Sets of Baahubali Vr video which needed at least a Google Cardboard device to view the same and with various other Vr projects being on trails, India too is expected to be a part of the Virtual Reality revolution.

2. The Artificial Intelligence Developments:

Amazon echo being one of the oldest AI devices which was built on the voice recognition system to perform tasks such as play music, control the lights and switches which were compatible with it, got an update in the year 2016 which allowed the device to book an Uber, order a pizza on dominos and also read the trending tweets on twitter.


Max Zuckerberg being entertained by AI Jarvis

The same year Google has come up with it’s much awaited product the Google Home which is too built on the Artificial Intelligence with which one can get answers from Google, control the smart devices over the voice and much more which are much like that of Amazon Echo.


Mark Interacting with the AI Jarvis

However, the show stopper was the Jarvis AI system built by Mark Zuckerberg which was based on the Morgan Freemans voice to control all the tasks, right from entertaining his daughter Max Zuckerberg to enforcing security at his home. The product is still in the testing phases and is expected to be available in the market in the year 2016.

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