Tez App by Google in India- know how fast is tez mobile payments app


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Google introduced Tez mobile payment app in indian market and now also step into indian mobile payment app market. This app is android based, as everyone know android is patient by google.com.

The tez app allows users to do financial payments like sending money, receiving payments directly into their bank accounts and paying services bills etc. The users can link the app to their personal bank accounts.

“Using NPCI’s Unified Payment Interface, money transfers are simple and secure with Tez,” Google says in its app description.

Key Features of Tez App

1) Transfer money directly to your bank account. Simply link your account to Tez over UPI and instantly transfer money from bank to bank.

2) With Google’s multi-layered security and 24/7 protection by Tez Shield, the tech giant boasts of higher security.

3) Using Tez’s Cash Mode, you can instantly send or receive payments to anyone nearby without sharing personal details like your phone or bank account number. The technology works like NFC and uses ultrasound rays to connect two phones through the phone’s microphone and speaker.

4) Tez offers language support for English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu.

5) Your chaiwala, milk man and your salon can now accept payments on the spot with Cash Mode.

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