Samsung Chromebook Plus Review and Specs


Samsung Chromebook Plus Review and Specs

Don’t feel like carrying your laptop everywhere for even small tasks like browsing information and using the Android apps? And you aren’t happy with the small screen smartphones?
Then here’s the all new Samsung Chromebook plus for those stay for long hours just browsing some or the other information on the interested.

Samsung Chromebook Plus comes with a price tag of $449 and one can pre-order this on The bad news is that the Samsung Chromebook plus is not yet officially announced in India, but is expected to arrive in February last week and is expected to be roughly priced at Rs.30,500.

The Samsung Chromebook Plus sports a powerful Hexacore processor which helps you to run even heavy apps at a great ease on your Chromebook.
It has a 12.3″ small display which is really sleek and the bonus is that it’s a 360-degree rotating display. The display screen is made of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which is Quad HD and has an 3:2 aspect ratio to let you enjoy both the portrait and widescreen viewing. And with 234 ppi it gives you amazing clarity.

With the Samsung Chromebook plus you can run all the apps and tasks which you regularly perform on your Android tablet with a much superior experience.
And the S-pen is one feature which Samsung included in every device of it’s which is intended for the doodlers and artists. Samsung Chromebook plus too comes with the S-pen so that be it doodling, Sketching or editing your favourite pictures so that you can get every detail at it’s best. And with this S-pen, you can also write your notes down and search for your previous notes.

It comes with a USB Type-C charger and weighing just 2.8 Lbs it’s a must have gadget for those who prefer sleek and sturdy looking advanced version of a Tablet.

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