Review On Google allo


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A review on Google Allo

Being a Google Product within a couple of Hours of this amazing app official launch it has reaches 50k installations and is rated at an average of 4.7/5 by the users.

Coming to what this app has got to offer for its users is a completely new user experience in the personal IM sector with an artificial intelligence integrated to it to take it better. And this has never been so good.
The Google assistant can help you performing various activities from translating text without the need to install another app, to playing games, weather updates, news, booking flight tickets and then finding deals in your favorite restaurants.

From your chat history it learns your interests and suggests you always the best things and even suggests you what to answer to your friend’s at times and it actually works really well at times, though there is still room for improvisation.

And all this App has an Incognito chat with a time setter so that you can share all the private stuff which just will be self-destructed when the time is out and this is an amazing feature to be checked out for.

So will this turn out to be a threat for the famous Cross Platform Messaging app Whatsapp? Might be yes as the features are far better with a better outlay.

However the privacy concern raised by Edward Snowden, the whistleblower of the NSA secret mission questions how much we can rely on Google for this time where our whole data will be with them and it is alleged by Edward Snowden that it is nothing but a secret mission by NSA and he suggest not to use the app. The Google chief should talk on this matter as soon as possible so as to build confidence in users regarding this and ensure Google Allo is a reliable platform.

Keeping the privacy concerns aside , the ratings for Google allo would be as below.
Ui: 4/5

AI:3/5( gives inappropriate answers at times)

Messaging: 4.5/5

Speed: 3.5/5( there is lag at times)

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