Ola Share and UberPool to be banned in Delhi


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Tech: The hassle free share option on Ola and Uber are definitely one of the best innovations of the current generation. And mainly in cities like Delhi and Bangalore where it could reduce the number of vehicles on road. Thus, lesser traffic and low carbon footprint. But the Delhi government seems to be against the same.

Delhi government is soon going to come out with a new City Taxi Scheme, 2017. This scheme is coming into place in order to regulate the cab services. Mainly that off app based operators like Ola and Uber India. One of the main provision of the same will put a stop to the Cab sharing services soon. The cab operators are permitted to operate only contract carriage and not stage carriage.

Which means a cab shall have only one pickup and drop point, unlike the public transport. This will be a move against the anti-pollution drive in Delhi and push the citizens of Delhi back into the misty clouds of pollution.
“We plan to regulate operations of app-based cab services. Though a number of features of the scheme are yet to be finalized, cab sharing option would definitely have to go as it is legally not permitted,” said a government official.

Apart from banning the cab sharing feature now aggregators like Ola and Uber should ensure that the cabs are fit with panic buttons and GPS tracking devices.

Once the latest policy is in place Ola and Uber should also cut their prices and follow the rate card as mentioned in the scheme. It is not yet officially declared as to when the new City Taxi Scheme will be out.

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