iPhone Bug : Try quickly typing 1+2+3 in Apple iOS 11 Calculator app, you won’t get 6


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iPhone bug in native Calculator app in Apple iOS 11 causes some symbols to be ignored when you enter numbers in quick succession

Welcome to the world of quirky Apple iPhone bug. If you own the latest iPhone which has been updated to iOS 11, try opening the native iPhone calculator and typing 1+2+3 in quick succession. The result for normal humans should be six but a quirky iPhone bug causes the native iOS 11 Calculator to give a different result.

Like every tech product, the Apple’s latest operating system iteration, iOS 11 has been a bit iffy with many iPhone users noticing different bugs. Since its debut on September 19, the company has already rolled out as many as three updates to fix a slew of bugs and glitches reported by iPhone users.

A lot of users are still complaining about a variety of issues, including battery drain and slow performance. While Apple is still working to fix the reported bugs, a new issue in iOS 11 has grabbed wide attention.

If you try to enter numbers in rapid succession for a calculation within the native Calculator app, it will show you an incorrect result. For example, a simple addition of 1+2+3 will show 24 instead of 6. Spotted by a user on Reddit, the calculation shows incorrect answers when entering numbers in rapid succession. The same error happens when you enter any other number.

Apple reportedly knows about this latest iPhone bug and has already issued a patch in its latest iOS 11.2 version. With the iOS 11.2 beta, Apple has removed the animations from the calculator app, so calculations can be conducted rapidly with no need to pause between entering numbers to obtain the correct result.

Check you iPhone now and let us know if you still have the quirky bug.

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