Google To Remove Torrents Links says Reports


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Be it an Hollywood Movie , a Bollywood one and even the most famous Tv show Game Of Thrones, everyone of them have been severly affected by the Torrents and they are loosing revenues worth Millions of Dollars on a day to day basis. And one the main reason for the Torrents to flourish is the powerful search engine of Google. Everyone can just go, search and download their favourite Tv series or a movie on this powerful search engine and can start downloading and this has been a wide practice every since internet has become affordable.

Atleast 90% of the downloads are made from the Google Search based websites and though there is a DMCA resolution policy it is a long process for one to raise a concern and get the link blocked from the search engine. And even if the link is blocked, the Torrent owners start a new site with mirror links. So DMCA could curb the online piracy only to a certain extent.

Google and other search engines are in talks with the entertainment industry gaints to enter into an voluntary agreement in order to curb online piracy. Once this agreement is signed there would be a huge number of viewers who will be forced to move onto the original streaming sites and in return huge revenues for both the producers. The agreement is yet to be signed and once it is signed, it is a pretty big task to take down billions of links on the Google Search and it would be a really long process. It is definitely a bad news for all the one’s who are solely relaint on these torrents and are not used to paying to the original content provider, so just brace up yourselves for huge monthly subscription bills.

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