Asteroid Os-A Ray of Hope for Android Wearables


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Asteroid Os-A Ray of Hope for Android Wearables.

Using an Android Wearable and bored of the very old looking Operating System, but don’t know what to do about it?Here’s all new Asteroid Os for all the Android Wearable device users who are bored of their old operating system.
Asteroid Os was developed by a French computer science student Florent Revesent which is verbal based operating system and the developers made this Operating system an open source so that the developers can make the modifications to the OS.It is built like a standard embedded Linux distribution with technologies such as Qt5, Wayland, Bluez5, Open Embedded and libhybris.

The operating system at present is called as Alpha 1.0 and is supported by four types of smart watches as already mentioned. The smart watches list which they support includes LG G watch (dory), LG G watch Urbane ( bass ), Sony smartwatch 3 (tetra), Asus ZenWatch 2 (sparrow).

The Bluetooth at present is being supported only on LG G watch and needs improvement for the other smartwatches. There is also a big bug with the notifications as they disappear from the screen within seconds and you can’t even read them at a later point of time from your smart watch, and should turn on your smartphone for the same.
It just acts as a notification more alert.

Asteroid Os has it’s own app on their website which can be downloaded and can be synced with your smartwatch to control it’s settings.
Using the app you can make the changes to the weather forecast display, take a screenshot. You can also find your smartphone if it’s lost using the Find my smartphone feature.

At present, there aren’t any third-party apps on the platform and the developers are open to working with third parties to work on it.It has basic apps like calendar, alarm, timer, stopwatch, music player and the weather application.

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