Anson Wong, a five-year-old kid has unbelievable IQ of 99.9


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Five years – This is the time normal kids enter into the formal education system and learn basic alphabets and numbers.

Not so for Anson Wong.  Anson Wong is a 14-month-old kid from Atlanta in the United States. Since birth, Anson showed extraordinary skills and grasping power. Earlier this month, he scored in the 99.9 percentile on an IQ test, landing him in a school for gifted children.

Kid genius 5-year-old-old Anson Wong has an IQ of 99.9 and wants to study quantum physics

Since birth, Anson has displayed the ability to absorb any new information with ease. Videos shared by his mom, Alice Wong, show Anson reading books when he was just 17 months old.

Like normal parents, Anson’s parents put him in kindergarten. And obviously, it was too low grade for him. At the end of every day, his parents asked him how his day went.

“The one thing he did tell us was that he’s bored,” said dad Angelo Wong. “[We’d ask] ‘What do you mean you’re bored?’ He said, ‘They teach baby stuff.’”

After finding that their son was meant for greater things in life, and would be wasting his time in kindergarten, Angelo and Alice decided to put him in a special school for gifted children.

After exploring a few different educational options around Atlanta, Alice, Angelo, and Anson found a school that was a good fit. As a part of the entrance exam, Anson took an IQ test and ended up scoring in the 99.9 percentile. Alice and Angelo said they always knew Anson was smart but didn’t expect him to score so high.

“It was a nice surprise,” said Angelo.

If you think an IQ of 99.9 was a big thing, think again. Anson wants to build a machine that sucks carbon out of the atmosphere and turns it into oxygen. His father said “He wants to solve global warming. He wants to study quantum physics… he’s so ambitious, and I love that.”

We hope this child prodigy indeed makes it big and discovers great things for humanity.

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