Virat focuses more on match and not Awards


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Cricket: After M.S.Dhoni has left his captaincy it was Virat who put all his efforts into making the best team and ensure that everyone who is capable of playing gets a fair chance in every match. And now even when the Padma Shri Award was announced to this cricketer, he had nothing much to talk about in the pre-match press conference. He said that his focus now is on how to make the maximum use of the young players. He is more focused on building a stronger test cricket rather than thinking of the award he received.

“The vision has to be that, you have to understand that even me or anyone can’t play forever, so you need to understand who are the guys who are going to slowly blend in and take Indian cricket forward. That has to be kept in mind all the time,” said Virat Kohli.

He also added “Eventually the idea is to groom them (the youngsters) enough to give them confidence from here on and then maybe push them to the ODIs and then give more confidence and then from thereon have that gradual progress draft for them to get them to the highest level which is Test cricket. But it’s very important to back them enough in T20 cricket, get some confidence behind you and then extend your career graph as I said.”

The Indian captain will be receiving Padma Shri award from Honorable President of India soon at Rashtrapathi Bhavan.

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