India’s wins in semi-finals of junior hockey WC 2016


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Lucknow: On Friday, viewers in India and spectators at the Major Dhyan Chand Stadium saw a ‘CHAK DE INDIA’ moment. Why I am saying this because yesterday Indian junior Hockey team has defeated Australian junior hockey team in shoot –out. Harjeet Singh and Co as backed by the exciting cheers of more than 15000 people at Major Dhyan chand stadium, conquered Australia with a 4-2 victory and has entered into the finals of junior hockey world cup.

It became do or die situation for both the team at the end of allotted time as the score was 2-2, but in the shootout, the impeccable performance by Vikas Dahiya who balked the way of shooters of Australia by magnificent goalkeeping and cleared the way for the victory of the Indian team. India will take on Belgium, who startled six-time winners and defending champions Germany 4-3 in another nerve-wracking shootout, on Sunday. By this, India has entered a second time in the world cup final. The last time India won the hockey junior World Cup was in 2001 and if they win on Sunday, it will be after a 15-year gap that they will be lifting the prestigious trophy.

In the first half of the match India was not very much active and was not furious in defending the attacks of Australian team but in the second half, the presence of mind of players worked and it assisted them in the victory. While having some words with Indian coach Harendra Singh said that he didn’t agree with the criticism that in the first half India found it difficult to hold on to a structure. “I prepared the team mentally as well as physically,”. “I don’t agree we lost structure. The best thing about this team is that we never lose structure.”

Taking revenge from an opponent is a very common thing in every sport and this win came up as a revenge from Australia. In 1997 at Milton Keynes, India in the finals lost their match against Australia and in 2005 before losing to Spain in the bronze-medal tie in 2005, India lost their semifinals against Australia at Rotterdam.

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