Youngest Pilot Creates Record by Flying Around the World


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A young Indian boy named Mansoor was the youngest to run the flight at the age of 14 years. Now an 18-year-old boy from Australia creates the world by taking a solo trip in a flight around the world.

The Lachlan Smart of Australia achieved this record. The expedition started from Sunshine Aircond in Cyrus SR22 Aircraft on July 4 and crossed 15 countries and 45,000 km. On August 27, the Smart took off the flight, taking the flight to 24 locations.

Guinness World Records who have identified smart take-out areas with the help of GPS. Smart age for 18 years and 234 days after the expiration of the expedition was declared as the youngest record holder.

The Last Record Holder was Matthew Guthmiller from USA age 19, Lachlan Says My Mission is to inspire young people like me to dream big and do big.

The announcement from Guinness World Records has been made after having video, GPS evidence and multiple witnesses at landing time. We Congratulate Lachlan for becoming the youngest pilot to take the world tour.

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