Y S Jagan to stage out dharna from Guntur


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Guntur: It’s been long since the opposition leader Y S Jaganmohan Reddy had staged out a dharna. The last was a hunger strike back in October 2015 for the special category status for Andhra Pradesh. Later another attempt to protest at Vijayawada for the special category status failed as the police of AP detained him at the airport itself.

This time he chose an altogether different issue and it’s the difficulties faced by farmers in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The region was firstly hit by a major drought and as a result, the yield of Mango, Chilli, Turmeric and Green Gram was very low. Apart from that, the burden of crop loans has also increased the tension in the farmers. Adding to this the market price for the mangoes, chili and turmeric have drastically fallen which affected the farmers very badly.

The farmers staged out many protests across the state, but the government didn’t respond even once and despite responding to the situation the false promises of waiving the crop loans were made again. This gave no solution to the farmers. So this time the opposition leader himself has decided to get onto the ground and representing the farmers he is planning to stage out a dharna at Guntur.

The reason for choosing Guntur mainly is because of the place is one of the largest producers of Red Chilli which is famous across the world. However, the political analysts are seeing this in a different paradigm altogether. They are expression an opinion that the main reason why he chose Guntur is to strengthen the party in that region as at present there is no strong leadership in Guntur. It is also pointed out that it’s clearly a political motive as high previous two dharnas were also set in Guntur. If analysts are to be believed we can assume that Y S Jagan has started working for the 2019 Assembly elections already.

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