Third (3rd) World War is Coming Because of Kim Jong Un ?


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China has been outraged by the fact that South Korea and the Americans are engaged in their graves. North Korea accused the US of supporting South Korean support. China says that there is no possibility of escape from the North Korean attack with an anti-ballistic missile system in South Korea.

Warning that the consequences of loneliness and anger in North Korea would have a greater risk for South Korea. The people of the country are still scared of setting up Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (Tad) system in South Korea with the backing of the US. China has suggested that negotiations should take place if the tensions set by many systems are going to be solved.

It is coming from three nations with a plethora of climatic conditions. China wants it to be better if it is lifted in North Korea. At the same time, North Korea advised that it was better to stop ballistic missile launches.

China has warned that if the three countries show the same provocative attitude, the future of the Third World War will not be surprising. In the context of implications for North Korea, the Chinese media has discussed the issues in the article in Xihai. The American media is outraged at this story.

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