The governor said to prove strength in 15 days: Kumaraswamy!


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Bangalore: JDS chief Kumaraswamy on Saturday said Governor Vaju Bai Wala was invited to form the Congress-JDS government. After meeting the governor, he spoke to the media. Tomorrow we will discuss with Congress leaders about formation of the government.

When JDS and Congress said they would form the government, the governor invited their statement. The BJP has not been able to prove the strength in assembly.

He spoke to the media after meeting with the governor. Congress and JDS will form the government together. The government will be formed on Monday. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are coming for the swearing in of ministers.

Telugu states Chief Ministers KCR, Chandrababu and Mayawathi ,Mamata Banerjee have also been invited  for the swearing in of ministers.The governor has given permission to form their government. Governor pointed out that in 15 days, to prove their strength said Kumaraswamy.

The BJP  operation was known and its all over. For Reconsilation of Congress and JDS, Reconsilation committe has authoized.Kumaraswamy will be sworn in as Chief Minister at Kanteerava stadium. It is noteworthy that Kumaraswamy has been invited the regional parties for the swearing in of ministers.

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