Prashanth Kishor likely to rework on YSRCP strategies


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Politics: It is very well known that the man behind Narendra Modi’s 2014 victory and Nitish Kumar’s victory in recent Bihar elections is one and the same. It’s none other than former UN advisor and at present one of the most famous political strategist. Attracted by the way Prashanth Kishor handled the social media campaign in 2014 for Narendra Modi, YSRCP chief Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy is said to have met him during the same period in Delhi.

The rumors at that time circled that Prashanth Kishor was appointed by Y S Jagan as a proactive step for the 2019 Assembly Elections. His name has come once again into the limelight after the arrest of cartoonist and Politicalpunch facebook page administrator Ravi Kiran Inturi. It is said that using trolls on Facebook against the ruling party on a timely basis was a strategy suggested by Prashanth Kishor. And the satirical cartoons made by Ravi Kiran were part of this strategy.

Post arrest of Ravi Kiran, few sources have revealed that Prashanth Kishor had a brief meeting with the YSRCP MP Vijaya Sai Reddy.In this meeting, they have discussed how to rework on the strategies for 2019 Assembly elections which are likely to be preponed. Definitely, the implications of recent GO issued by the Andhra Pradesh government should have been taken into account which restricts the ” Freedom Of Speech’ on social media. It is also said that Prashanth Kishor has met the party chief. However, Vijayasai Reddy in a press meet denied the fact and said that Prashanth Kishor hasn’t met Jagan in the recent times.

At present Prashanth Kishor has dedicated most of his time as Advisor to Bihar Chief Minister in various policy implementations and he will be soon reworking on the social media strategies and other on the field strategies for YSRCP.

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