Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena Party Launched New App


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The Jana Sena party is getting ready for membership. The app is made specifically for this purpose. The IT division of the party examined the app experimentally. Approximately seventy thousand people have applied for the selection of the Jana Division, formed by analysts, speakers and content writers regarding Janes.

These are all those who love the party in the office Janasena hopes to use their services in membership registration. In addition to app, you will be given an option to register membership on the party website.

The party is planning to start the registration process in the last week of this month or from the first week of November. Party President Pawan Kalyan also discussed with the party chiefs along with the IT department on the process of registration through App, He made changes according to his instructions.

The details of the membership will be enlisted. Similarly, their mobile number will be party-specific. It is also decided to include various groups and professionals who are politically neutral. Pawan Kalyan is planning to travel across the state. Subscription registration will begin in advance. Pawan Kalyan will be meeting with the people who have applied to serve as soldiers.

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