Nara Lokesh gets mocked multiple times


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Politics: It’s quite known that the son of AP CM Chandrababu Naidu, Nara Lokesh is brought up in the United States and wasn’t much familiar with Telugu before. Later by the time, he was planning to enter politics still he wasn’t fluent in Telugu. And now even after becoming the Honorable Minister of Andhra Pradesh Nara Lokesh, he seems to have not learned from his past experiences.

A few years ago during the election campaign in 2014 in a rally when he was addressing the crowd, instead of saying that vote to a particular party will be a step towards suicidal attempt he put it the other way round. He said voting for his own party is a suicidal move by the public. Chandrababu Naidu with his power ensured that this video didn’t get circulated much in the news to protect his son’s image. But now the same scene happened a couple of days ago.

In a public meet when his main intent was to assure that every household will be getting drinking water direct to their houses in rural areas he put it the other way round. He said that he will ensure that by 2019 elections no house will be having drinking water supply throughout the state. Adding to that another event happened back to back recently on Ambedkar Jayanthi where he used the word Ambedkar Vardanthi in an event which was conducted to remember his contributions towards the upliftment of the backward castes.

The whole social media and Television channels mocked him continuously with these back to back events and he seems to be really upset with that. He came up with new GO issued under the IT ministry which said that anyone who posts anything against public figures in social media shall be arrested. But Honorable Minister hasn’t realized that he is trying to restrain every citizen from exercising his ‘Right to the expression’ by treating even expression of one’s own opinion on a particular issue as offensive. He should seek some legal assistance before issuing such orders any further and also withdraw the present ones.

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