Modi Says We Will Increase the India’s GDP


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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made it clear that he will never risk the future of the country for the present benefit. The Indian economy has been steadily progressing. Repulsed criticism of the opposition in this regard.

On Wednesday, he addressed the Indian Company Secretaries’ Organization (ICSI) for the Golden Jubilee in Dilie on Wednesday. The NDA differs from the previous UPA surgeon. It is clear that their government will continue to reform.

He said that the government had no intention of making a decision to change the slowdown in the last two quarters in terms of gross domestic product (GDP). He said the government was prepared to make vital decisions. The decisions taken by the government will make India a new step forward.

We know that growth has slowed: ‘At one time India was considered one of the most economically sensitive five countries. After the BJP government came, the country was brought out of the situation. Over the course of our three years, we have been able to make our country run faster and faster.

The government knows that growth has slowed down. That’s why we are taking steps to improve it, “Modi said. He said he would take criticism in financial matters and make amendments in place wherever necessary. “Our government is sensitive. Strong criticism will be received. Considering them as a whole. There are over 125 crore people in high growth, “he said. He expressed hope that the growth rate would be 7.7% in the last quarter of the fiscal, he said.

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