Jayalalitha hospital videos will not be out


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Tamil Nadu: The death of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa had given rise to many doubts. The reason for her death is still yet a mystery for many of her followers in Tamil Nadu. Only a handful of people knows what has happened when Jayalalithaa was hospitalized. Out of that handful, Shasikala Natarajan’s son in low Jayanandan is one of them.

A couple of days ago Jayanandan Dinakaran released a press release saying that he will be releasing the full video footage and photos which were shot when Jayalalithaa was hospitalized. But later he denied sharing the videos after Sasikala threatened him that she will suicide if the video or any telephonic conversations which happened during that period are released. She also added that even if any kind of investigation happens on those videos or conversations, she will attempt to suicide.

The statements made by Sasikala Natarajan are arousing doubts in Jayalalithaa’s followers. They are in doubt as to why she doesn’t want those videos to come. On one side Jayanandan Dinakaran says that if those videos are out, the true color of O. Paneerselvam will be known to the people of Tamil Nadu. On the other side Sasikala not letting him release the same is quite confusing. If the proofs are really against O Paneerselvam why is Sasikala Natarajan reluctant to let Dinakaran release them is unknown.

Few political analysts are analyzing the situation in a different way. They opined that whatever she is doing is just to gain the sympathy of the people of Tamil Nadu and they are part of her stunts to keep her followers intact. And the statements made by Dinakaran about Jayalalithaa’s funeral and how Sasikala Natarajan ensured that the funeral was held grand are said to be just tricks to increase political ratings of Sasikala in Tamil Nadu.

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