Congress ahead with correct plan, that ‘App’ has made down the BJP.


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Bangalore: Kannada drama ended with Yeddyurappa resigning as Chief Minister on Saturday. There is a new enthusiasm in the Congress by winning the BJP over the first time in Karnataka. Many of the party leaders, including Shivakumar, are went on great strategy. The call record mobile app became part of these strategies.

The Congress-JDS parties used the  all means of countering the BJP. The MLAs were shifted to a resort in Bangalore, then to Hyderabad, and to used  their Sharma travel buses and challenging the governor’s decision in the Supreme Court. In addition, the use of call recording technology was a great plus points to them.

The results of the forthcoming elections have begun with the Congress party’s plan. Within hours of the results, to JDS  congress announced support and ordered their party MLAs to come to Bengaluru the next day, From their Kannada politics has took a great turn.

MLAs have been taken to a resort. That they believed that they will take their phones.But instead in each MLA phone installed the Call Recording App. It was not known by unknown BJP leaders. First on Friday  morning Janardhan Reddy  call recording while bargaining with the Raichur Rural Basanagouda has been released to media.

In addition, Yeddyurappa’s son Vijayendra’s audio tape was released a few hours ahead of the band.The BJP was agitated. The Congress released the audio tapes in the most convenient format for the media..The party leader who felt that the confusion in the Legislative Assembly would be more unpopular, so  ordered Yeddyurappa to resign. He resigned. Thus BJP get down.

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