Transport Services Affected in Delhi due to Immense Fog

Transport Services Affected in Delhi due to Immense Fog

In Delhi, an immense fog had covered the entire city just like a thick blanket. The surrounding areas in and around the city have completely enveloped with heavy fog that eventually diminished the visibility levels of the people. Since the late night and in the early morning, fog wrapped the national capital Delhi. Due to the immense fog, all the trains and flight services postponed. Some of the flight services rescheduled for the succeeding day. This scene witnessed by all the people for the past couple of weeks.

Transport Services Affected in Delhi due to Immense Fog

Some of the international flights arriving at the Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport and a total of 6 domestic flights arrive late to the airport due to the fog. A couple of domestic flights canceled misty weather all over the city on 3rd January 2017. Around 55 trains will move lately and a total of 22 trains changed their actual schedule in the morning on Wednesday. About six trains completely canceled due to risky weather. Even now, the entire Delhi city alongside many parts of North India witnesses dense fog.

This fog ultimately ruptured the normal life of an individual in the city of Delhi. According to the latest news from the officials of railway reportedly announced that all the train and flight services from Delhi delays due to dense mist. As per the reports from MeT department officials, the visibility levels of people noted at 400 meters early in the morning sometimes at 5.30AM. It then diminished to 100 meters after 3 hours. Also, the humidity levels noted at 97 percent at 8.30 AM in the morning.

According to the predictions of MeT department, the sky becomes normal and clear when the day starts to progress. All through the day, the maximum temperature remains 23 degree Celsius. Besides the national capital, some parts of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, Moradabad, and Punjab completely wrapped with dense fog.

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