Veera Sivaji Movie Review And Rating – 3.5/5


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Veera Sivaji Movie Review

The movie Veera Sivaji has hit the theater screens on 16th December 2016.  This Tamil Comedy Flick is expected to do great as there is no competition from other movies in Kollywood.  The movie is directed by Ganesh Vinayak under Madras Enterprises Production Banner.  The distribution rights of the movie have got it by Sri Thenandal Films. This action comedy story is about Veera Sivaji which means Courageous Sivaji.

Veera Sivaji Storyline

This movie called Veera Sivaji makes people wonder of the historical story of Courageous Sivaji. However, this is a comedy flick full of action.  There are many people including the hero who gets cheated by the villain. This is the start of the movie. However, the entire movie revolves around how the hero goes about the catching the villain. The hero of the movie goes around tracking the villain and gathering information. Then he finally makes a super successful overtake plan. Then finally with the information he has gathered and his master planning, the hero is able to take over the villain in the movie. The whole story in the movie is about how the hero goes about fulfilling his plan for the ultimate villain’s defeat.


In the romantic comedy plus action flick Veera Sivaji, the Hero is Vikram Prabhu. He plays the male lead that features a cabbie throughout the movie. Coming to the interesting villain, John Vijay plays this role in a great manner. Shamili the child actress has made a comeback as the female lead in the movie.  As this is a comedy flick surely the audience can expect a lot of funny scenes. There are also funny dialogues too. So these fun sequences are played the most famous comic faces. The trio is – Yogi Babu as Ramesh, Robo Shankar as Suresh and Motta Rajendran. The music composer for the movie is D. Immam. There seems to be great scope for movie collections at the Box Office.

For You:

Cast: Vikram Prabhu, Shamili, John Vijay, Rajendran, Swetha Ashok

Plus Points

  • The Theme music in the movie has an amazing half a dozen songs that are full of energy.
  • The movie is unique in such a way that it combines comedy at the same time romance.
  • There are quite a lot of action scenes with a great all-around storyline.

Minus Points

  • There are hardly any as the movie is all well plotted and directed however the movie has the Tamil nativity feels which would make it difficult to gross well in the other states.


With the action packed energy, Shamili’s comeback, the comical trio and the storyline, the movie gets an overall 3.5/5 rating.

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