Who is Gautamiputra Satakarni? Interesting Facts about him


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Gautamiputra Satakarni: An unsung story

Gautamiputra Satakarni, a name which has come into limelight for the past few months because of the upcoming Telugu film directed by Krish Jagarlamudi and starring Nandamuri Balakrishna, Shreya Saran and Hema malini.

The idea for directing has come into the mind of the director, when he just started reading a 40 pages book on this ruler and the story which was unsung for centuries finally was picturized. And it’s a special movie too for Nandamuri Balakrishna as it’s his 100th movie.

Let’s have a look into what has attracted the director Krish and actor Nandamuri Balakrishna to picture GautamiPutras story.

1. He was born in 78AD and died in 102D and he is the most celebrated and most popular Andhra Kings.
2. He was the ruler of Satavahana dynasty and though different sources suggest different information, he is said to be the 5th ruler of Satavahana dynasty.
3. Gautamiputra Satakarni was named after his mother Gautami Balashri as the Satavahana dynasty had immense respect for the women in their society and he set a tradition there after for every king of his dynasty to be named after their mother’s name.
4. Satakarni was called as the King of Kings and was the most respected person in the various king’s circles and he ruled right from to Malwa and Saurashtra in the north to Krishna river in the south. And from Konkan in the west to Vidharba in the east.
5. Gautami Satakarni was called as the lord of Vindhyavat, Pariyatra, Sahya, Krishnagiri, Malaya, Mahendra, Chakori and Sreshta-giri mountains.
6. He changed his kingdom from Maharashtra to Amaravati in Andhra Pradesh.
7. Gautamiputra Satakarni is worshipped ad Nutruvar Kannan in Tamil, and it is said that Chattrapati Shivaji drew inspiration from this great king when his mother Jijabai used to narrate stories about Satakarni to Shivaji.

The movie Gautamiputra Satakarni is going to hit the silver screen on January 12th and we should wait and watch the movie for knowing much more facts about this great ruler from the director Krish Jagarlamudi as he has done the great amount of research work.
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