Wife was stabbed with a knife and was killed in the dreams .. But in the bloodstream?


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In the United States, a man was drugged into the drug and killed his wife. It seems like killing in the dream .. But the same thing happened in the early hours. The police then took the lead. From the North Carolina’s Matthew James Phelps, he called the American Emergency number 911 at midnight.



In the 911 call, Phelps told the operator he took more cold medicine than he should have and woke up after his dream with blood all over him and a knife on the bed he shared with his wife.

He said he feels he has killed his wife along with the other neighbors. Soon police reached the spot. However, Phelps’ wife Lauren was already in the lake of blood. Besides, Phelps is sitting next to the dead body. Police suspect that he will kill his wife.

“I think I killed my…” Phelps said.

“What do you mean by that? What happened?” the dispatcher responded.

Authorities said 29-year-old Lauren Ashley-Nicole Phelps, a Sunday school teacher, was dead from stab wounds.

The case was registered and was arrested. He was sleeping with the Coricidin tablet on the night before he was coughing at the trial. But after sleeping, he said that his wife had died. While sleeping, he found his wife killed himself. He said like this. The case is being investigated.

The couple had been married since November 2016.

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