Final Top Four Contestants in Jr NTR Bigg Boss Telugu House


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There are currently six members in the Bigg Boss House. 1. Navdeep 2. Shivabalaji 3. Archana 4. Hariteheja 5. Adarsh 6. Diksha. Those nominated for this week are Archana, Haritheza, Adarsh and Deeksha. Two of them – Adarsh and Diksha can be sent OUT. Last week, Navdeep, Sivabalaji, Archana and Harithaja are expected to surf.

Since the beginning of BIGG BOSS, The show has a lot of twists. Dhanraj, who will last till the end of the Prince show, is not just to the fans but to the audience.

Archana, Deeksha and Shivabalaji, who have been nominated for much of the house, are the unexpected turn of Prince Dandaraj, who has been nominated for a short time. Can this climb up in climax? Now doubt.

There is friendship between Adarsh and Prince participating in Biggas Show. They participated in the show together. But when Prince was eliminated last week, ‘Did Adarsh play a game that could hinder your friendship?’ The answer to the question ‘Prince’ is not Adarsh but also audiences.

The attempt to learn why Adams was the so-called Adarsh so Prince was not in vain.In fact, Adarsh was one of the housemates to be compacted in the Bigbas show. He also has a winning level of the show. But Prince – Did Adharsh’s hurt in the bitter bite that he had been eliminated? To be considered.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season has Became a Big Hit and bigg boss final is coming, We hope it continues same in bigg boss season 2 with more famous celebrities in Tollywood.

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