A Big Surprise in Bigg Boss Telugu Finale Show ?


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The bigg boss reality show to reach the final episode in Telugu states is waiting for eyes to watch the bigg boss telugu winner today. It is noteworthy that the rest of the followers of the past have also decided to look at this one day. Today screen is a big crop for audiences. Fida Film is coming up in the afternoon Star. Ram Charan Dhruva is going to telecast the Gemini Channel.

Nagarjuna is going to be a special guest in the big boss show is already well advertised. It does not show in the promo but the possibilities that we have with our TV can not be dismissed. Devi Sri Prasad will also be seen as another special guest.

NTR, Jai Lava kusha, who came in Devi Combo, is now at the box office. So Devi Live Appears Big Boss Show is going to be a big attraction. There are many speculations about the winner, but there is not a single name as a confidant. Keep the diary vacant for a four-hour long bigg boss episode for today finale the bigg boss telugu prize money is also declared earlier. Let’s wait till tonight for the bigg boss surprise.

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